physical therapy secrets podcast-Stretch away muscle pain using safe stretches that target the tight muscles causing pain

Physical therapy secrets will give you invaluable information that is not widely known on how to prevent and treat most muscle pain. Mary Smithson Hutto has been in the sports medicine field for over 35 years and has a successful physical therapy practice in maui, Hawaii. She sells 2 stretching apps on the Itunes store. These apps show how to perform her specific stretching exercises that help regain lost mobility, improve posture and eliminate most muscle pain. info@stretchawaymusclepain help@stretchawaymusclepain
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physical therapy secrets podcast-Stretch away muscle pain using safe stretches that target the tight muscles causing pain


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Aug 21, 2016

The main cause of most shoulder problems is tight shoulder internal rotators and poor posture.   Tight muscles cause the arm to rotate in and up causing impingement of our rotator cuff tendon.  Prolonged tightness causes inflammation, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis in the shoulders and neck.  Stretches are the key to get rid of your pain.  Elongate the tight muscles and restore joint mobility to get your posture back. 

Aug 15, 2016


The most important stretch in my Stretch Away Muscle Pain system is the Lunge stretch.This stretch targets the psoas muscle, which is responsible for most low back problems and effects every major joint in our body.    When the psoas muscle gets too tight, it tilts our pelvis forward, causing poor posture and our trunk to be forward.  This makes muscles have to contract and puts marked stress on our back and other areas.It is the most important stretch of the Stretch Away Muscle Pain Stretching System.

Aug 10, 2016

Did you know that most knee problems are coming from your tight hips?!   Except for ligament sprains, most knee pain is coming from the tight hip muscles that cross over your knee joint.   These tight muscles are either compressing the bones to squish your meniscus or compressing or pulling your knee cap out.  Its easy to get rid of knee pain by treating the cause-tight hips.

Aug 1, 2016

Did you know that tight muscles and poor posture break down the discs in your spine.  By keeping flexible and preventing poor posture that puts marked stress on your discs, you can prevent your discs from breaking down.  Already have a bulging or herniated disc?  Learn how to live with it and treat it